Local Courier Service in Seymour IN

When you have something to send out or need to be delivered to you, get in touch with our local courier service as soon as you can. Why waste time looking for a delivery company when the best deal is right here in front of you.

Whatever you need to be shipped and whatever the destination, count on Benco Direct to get it delivered.

Call now at (812) 379-9959.

Benco Direct: Local Courier Service That Does It All

No challenge is too great for us. We are determined to move anything and everything possible in the fastest way available. The possibilities are endless.

Are you a college student looking to get from your dorm to shared housing? We can do that. Have a valuable antique or piece of art awaiting your pickup? Leave it in our white-gloved hands. Forgot your wallet halfway across town, but now you’re at work trying to meet a deadline? You can trust us with it. We’ll get it back to you before the end of the day. Have documents you need signed and returned to you on the same day? No problem at all.

Call us now and get your price and timeline set up. We are the local delivery service company flexible enough to bend over backwards for you, whatever your circumstance. Our daily local delivery service puts our drivers all over Seymour IN, so you’ll never wait long for us to get to you!

Reliable Local Courier Service

Don’t underestimate the utility of hiring Benco Direct. We like to think outside the box, and it reflects in our open-minded approach to local delivery services. When the weather is bad, or you are under the weather or swamped at work, call us.

We will complete your errands, fetching pre-purchased groceries, medications, dry cleaning, big-box furniture pieces, or getting whatever’s on your docket. We know Seymour IN like the back of our hands and can get back to you in one morning or afternoon.

What price would you put on that kind of stress reduction and time-saving convenience? We’ll beat it. Call us to set up a regular delivery.

Professional Local Courier Specialists

Our talented team of employees loves getting out there and making it happen. They are all trained in:

  • Courteous customer service. Should a problem arise during a pickup or delivery, and there is tension and upset, our team will never escalate and always diffuse the situation. Your satisfaction and patronage are what we value, and we aim to earn it.
  • Driving safety. No dangerous or risky driving on our watch. We want your parcels safe and intact, as well as other Seymour IN drivers and pedestrians.
  • Reliability. Deadlines mean no frivolous stops. Getting there on time is our mantra.

Book Your Local Courier Now

Last-minute orders are welcome, but advance notice means getting it there exactly as you intended. Corporate, industrial, and residential areas are all within our delivery zone. Be in touch to arrange a delivery today.

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